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Who Am I

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My name is Peter Shannon. I left a white collar sales job in Corporate America for a job that was going to give me a better work life balance. I found myself working in sales for a small company made up of  Blue Collar metal workers. As I started to get to know them and work along side them. I notice some of them took great pride in their work and have other skills and passions not utilized at work. A group of us started talking about previous jobs and experiences and came up with products we could offer based on what we were good at and enjoyed. I started Arizona Screens and Gates and found a great local, family owned vendor to supply us with quality products. The guys rotate and help me on jobs. We all like to work, and enjoy working together. Some people have hobbies. We enjoy building. Help us build this business so their passion can become a fulltime career. Contact us! We want to build something great for you!

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